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In the last issue of The Theosophist ( May 2008 ) there is an article of mine. In it I examine this topic from a psychological point of view, as presented by J. Krishnamurti, and an Occultist approach according to the writings of some theosophical leaders.

You can find the article on my website, or click here

My thesis is that these two approaches are complementary. What do you think?


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We theosophists appear to be an earnest bunch.  I suppose a deep and abiding concern for spiritual evolution can lend one an air of seriousness.  However, we’re also a community bound by laughter, joy . . . and bubbles. (more…)

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This is one of Krishnamurti’s statements purported to be against Theosophy, because the Theosophical literature frequently speaks about “the Path”. But the seemingly clash between concepts, I believe, is due to an imperfect understanding of both Krishnamurti’s and Theosophical teachings. (more…)

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someone i would like to meet

Though HPB is generally linked with the east in most of our minds, i have always thought it interesting that she disappeared into Turkey and resurfaced in Egypt. In the between, i believe she was said to be living in Lebanon, amongst some of the Druze. The Druze also get one mention in the Mahatma letters, in which KH refers to being invited by his “Druze brethren” to assist in emergency in Egypt. I sometimes wonder if there is not more of a link to Islamic thought and culture to the TS than one hears about.

Here is a contemporary that I think is pretty dang amazing.


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An important and unsettled question in modern Theosophy is its relationship to the teachings of Krishnamurti, a topic that several contributors here have already written extensively about. (more…)

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We have been exploring different aspects of happiness, pleasure, suffering, etc., and I’d like to offer another perspective. (more…)

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I learned last week that Kurt Hanson, an old friend of several of us here, died on April 9th.


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