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I’ve started another blog, this one for theosophical news.

It will be used for links to news articles that theosophists might find of interest.

Please email me if you would like to become a contributor, or if you just want me to post a link you’ve found.

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The Meaning of Clairvoyance

Human Aura

When we hear the word “clairvoyance,” we often think of the ability to perceive objects and entities on planes of existence other than the physical. To Theosophists, the word may conjure images of thought forms, of the human aura, of devas and elementals, all of which surround us at every moment, invisible to most—save for those who possess the ability to see them. The ability is considered to be a form of “extra-sensory perception.” Extra as a prefix probably comes from the Latin exterus, meaning “outward” or “outside.” Thus the term “extra-sensory perception,” implying a phenomenon that is outside that of sensation, seems misleading if by it we are referring to the ability to see auras or thought forms—after all, when someone who has this gift sees such things, is that experience not an aspect of their sense of vision, however attuned that sense may be to things not normally seen? Theosophy teaches that all humans will one day reach a point of development at which this faculty blooms; in other words, it is a perfectly natural and normal aspect of our sense of sight, albeit one that is currently dormant in most people. (more…)

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The popular Matrix movie trilogy depicts a futuristic dystopia in which humanity is enslaved by intelligent machines, used as a power source while they live out virtual lives in a computer-generated world similar to the “real” world just pre-dating the takeover of the machines. What is not explored in great depth in the movies themselves is the back-story: How things ended up that way.

A series of animated shorts, entitled The Animatrix, explored some of the peripheral stories surrounding the series. Two of the chapters are devoted to developing the storyline that leads up to the situation depicted in the movies. It begins when humanity succeeds in the creation of artificial intelligence. Soon, intelligent, anthropomorphic machines are doing almost all of humanity’s “dirty work,” and humanity falls into a state of vain decadence. One day, a robot with the designation B1-66ER is threatened by its owner with deactivation, and in response, kills both the owner and the mechanic instructed to deactivate it. B1-66ER is arrested and put on trial. The robot claims that it acted in self-defense, stating that it “simply did not want to die.”

Those who are interested can explore the story in greater detail here, but I’d like to look at the case of B1-66ER in a Theosophical light. (more…)

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We’re growing!

Just a quick note: With over 6,000 hits, we recently made WordPress’ list of Top 100 Growing Blogs!

This is a community effort, so thanks to everyone for checking in and adding comments.  Please keep doing so.  Check out the archives, click on tags and do searches.  There are already a great number of posts that had sparked fantastic discussions that got lost as new posts gained attention.

Please spread the word by linking to us on your own sites or the sites you frequent.  And remember, I am always looking for more theosophists to become authors, particularly ones who are active at theosophical centers or camps.  The more perspectives the better!

Thanks again to all!

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The philosopher in action

The philosopher in action

As you may know, our dear friend Govert Schuller is taking a sabbatical at Far Horizons and will be largely incommunicado for the next three months.  I have worked, studied, taught, drank, argued, eaten, walked and talked, talked and talked with Govert for many years now, and though I know these summer months will pass by rapidly, I will miss him dearly. (more…)

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**UPDATE** The event for tonight, Thursday October 2nd 2008, has been canceled.  Too many of the people I originally hoped to participate will be unavailable.  We will try again at next year’s Theosofest (9/12/09). That should be enough time to make to really prepare!  We’ll also have a much bigger audience.  Thanks to everyone for their efforts.  I’ll be in touch about getting commitments for next year.  Cheers, CR

We’re on for October 2nd, 2008! (more…)

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The following article is by a good friend of mine, Steve Larsen, and addresses the global warming phenomenon from a consciousness perspective that is quite Theosophical, if not, entirely so, and therefore is a great example of applying the truths of the Wisdom Tradition to current affairs. Govert (more…)

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