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we’re baaaack!

im-back Welcome to 2009 friends!

This blog, while not dormant (way to keep those comments coming!), hasn’t been active for far too long.  And while it is NOT my New Year’s resolution to get it going again, regular updating falls under my larger intention to turn my face back to the world, the realization of the need for which just happened to come right around our annual shifting of digits.  Wow, that’s some tortured grammar.

I never want this blog to be too personal.  This is a place to talk about theosophy.  However, it is more particularly, and arguably more powerfully, about the personal realization of theosophy, so there is no need to avoid being personal either.

Those of us who invite Spirit to work through our being open ourselves to unceasing transformation.  Rather than being determined by our unconscious and trained reactions to the world, we admit the paucity of our own self in the face of Self and become partners in a dance whose complex rhythms quicken just as we learn the steps.


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